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"Tactile and intimate, with dissonant strings lurking in the background, the carefully crafted Feral weaves a richly cold world of dark and delicate beauty. Songs such as the wintry whisper of “River” and the gravely sparse “Whippoorwill” recall tragic tale-tellers like Cat Power and Marissa Nadler, while more up-tempo moments like “Witness” add backbone amid the misty mire. Beautifully sung and masterfully produced, Wryn’s debut album sees the Lompoc singer/songwriter as one of our region’s strongest voices and conjurers of atmospheres. " - Richie Demaria - The Santa Barbara Independent

Head On Straight

“There’s something hauntingly familiar about Emily Wryn’s sound; something that almost dares you to compare her to the greats. In Head on Straight, the 23-year-old Lompoc dweller has a record that cleanly captures her voice first and foremost. Hers is a combination of breathless sighs, gentle power, and a high register that tugs at your heartstrings every time it breaks. “Fire” is almost textbook in its gentle guitar plucking, but Wryn’s here-then-gone vocal stretches elevate the whole thing to an almost ethereal level. Conversely, title track “Head on Straight” goes the more orchestrated route, with glockenspiel and muffled percussion driving the whole thing toward home. With the keen ear of producer/arranger Randall Sena at the helm, though, Wryn never gets lost in the mix and comes away with an EP that speaks loudly of a bright future.” Aly Comingore - The Santa Barbara Independent

Head on Straight is the haunting and enchanting debut from 23-year-old Californian Emily Wryn. This album is going to turn heads and make people take notice. ...Her dynamic vocals are the perfect expression for her lyrics about love lost, and love gained.....Going back to Wryn’s vocals, at times she’s very breathy and whisper like, other times her voice is soaring. Whatever she does though, it sounds wonderful. Her confidence oozes through her music, giving her the same presence as many of the great female singer/songwriters that came before her...What is also so pleasing about Head on Straight is it showcases Wryn’s ability not only as a singer, but a songwriter. ... Wryn is always in the forefront of every song, and the music happily dances along behind her. Head on Straight is not to be overlooked. Jot it down; remember the name because you are going to be seeing more of Emily Wryn in the future! Kerri Curtis - Independent Music Reviewer

“The sweetheart of the rodeo was Emily Wryn, who swept into town and into our hearts and ears. She won first in the songwriting contest with her tune “Fire,” ...Wryn also won the Readers Choice Award and Best Live Performance! She’s kicking ass and taking names!...In the country, folk, Americana category, Emily Wryn won first with her song “Head on Straight,” ...Thanks to all who entered, all who attended the show last Thursday, and congratulations to the winners and especially Emily Wryn. You’re something special, chica!" Glenn Starkey - New Times SLO